Master Classes

Characters can only advance to their Master Class after completing their 3rd Job Change and reaching Rigomor. To advance, the character must complete the Master Class quest available at the Town Board or use their respective class Item Mall Class Change item. If the character has already reached Master Class, they can change their class with the Master Class Change Ticket.

As part of the advancement, special Master Road dungeons will become available, where the player must train with a Master. These dungeons are accessible to all characters but the dungeon with the Master corresponding to their character is required for their advancement.

After advancing to the Master Class, the player will have access to a Master Skill. This skill is available in 4 Stages, increasing in power with each stage. In order to have the last Master Skill stage, you have to unlock all the previous ones before. Master Skills don't have Skill Traits and are not affected by Skill Damage Increase stat but they have their own Master Skill Damage Increase option. When a Master Skill is used, a special Master Class Skill Cut-in will be shown.